Monday, September 3, 2012

The Green Brothers and White Boy Privilege: Introduction Post

The short answer is: Because it bothers us.

The long answer is that, for the last few years, John Green has grown in popularity, and that is greatly due to him and his brother starting their “Vlogbrothers” venture. You know – nerdfighteria? DFTBA? Basically, John and Hank Green have been creating a community for “nerds” – socially awkward people who have felt marginalized and bullied for some reason or another.

In itself, that’s a perfectly good thing. In fact, when I first started watching their vids, I thought they were doing something amazing.

But here’s the thing: The way “Nerdfighteria” is explained and presented basically makes anyone who criticizes it look like a horrible person. Why would anyone want to take away something so good?

So this is our mission statement: This series of posts is NOT ABOUT YOU!
- We’re not out to hurt, insult, or shame anyone who considers themselves a fan of the vlogbrothers.
- We are not going to make assumptions about the personal thoughts and lives of John and Hank Green, and anyone else who is involved in their work, most notably the Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
- We do not care about what they INTENDED to do when doing so-and-so.

What these posts ARE about:
- The work of the vlogbrothers, the stuff they put out in the public sphere, and how that comes across to US.
- I REPEAT: This is about how we perceive them. This is not a gospel truth, but a subjective deconstruction.

Also, in the interest of fairness, we are not uninterested in hearing what you have to say on this matter. If you feel there is something we misunderstood, or you felt that John and Hank Green changed your lives, write about that. Post it on your blog, or your tumblr, or your vlog, and link it in the comments section, and if you want, at the end of the series, we’ll make a post, linking to those accounts so that readers would be able to see them.

Again: We don’t claim to know better than you do. What we want is to generate a conversation. And we can’t do that without your help.

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