Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Writing Ghosts: Interview with Kendare Blake

Hey all!

Today, we have the  pleasure of welcoming Kendare Blake, author of “Anna Dressed in Blood” and “Girl of Nightmares”!
Kendare, welcome!

Anna Dressed in Blood is a YA horror novel that doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to tragedy and gore. With a debut that is such a departure from what is considered “trendy”, was the road to publication difficult?

No, surprisingly. With other books it took such a long time, but Anna seemed to get a lot of interest. I think perhaps it was because it had the gore.

Cas and Anna have a very interesting relationship dynamic – much like a chimera, it’s never one thing entirely. How did you go about writing it?

It evolved naturally. I was excited to write them from the start. Come on, ghost hunter and dead girl, you know they're going to spark in interesting ways. It surprised me how much they related to one another. They have different kinds of solitude, and different burdens to bear, but they seemed to connect.

Girl of Nightmares has the characters dealing with the fallout of their actions in the end of Anna Dressed in Blood. Did you ever worry about the second book syndrome?

I think everybody worries about second book syndrome. But I didn't start writing until Cas was ready to talk. And when he started, it all just took off, and what happened happened. I have no illusions that Girl of Nightmares will please as many people as Anna. Now readers have their own hopes and expectations (I did too) and no doubt some of them will be disappointed. But the story went the only way it could.

Without spoiling, can you tell us one thing that Girl of Nightmares has that Anna Dressed in Blood does not?

It has the history of Cas' knife. Is that spoiling? Eh. I don't think so.

This isn’t really a question, but I love the winks towards Greek Mythology in “Anna Dressed in Blood”, as well as how your next book, “Antigoddess” , will focus on the gods and goddesses of Olympus. *hi five*

Oh thank you! I hope you enjoy it. I'm in the middle of the second book now.

 What are your top three underrated YA books?

Underrated? Probably So Shelly by Ty Roth, and I don't mean it performed badly, but it deserved all the love in the world. Um...I'm drawing a blank. Darn it.

 What is, according to you, the biggest myth related to writing?

That it will make you rich and famous.

 What is your favorite non-writing related activity?

Eating! Oh, that makes me sound like a glutton. Which I am. I also enjoy hiking, and travel. And playing bad tennis.

Finally, can we hope to see more of Anna and Cas in the future?

I don't know. In a book? I don't think so. Someday I would love it if Cas would tell me what he's up to. Whoops, spoiler alert! Cas doesn't die!

Thank you, Kendare!

You can follow Kendare Blake on twitter @KendareBlake, or visit her website at www.kendareblake.com You can order her books from Amazon, or your local bookseller. The first book in her Antigoddess series comes out in 2013.

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