Saturday, December 29, 2012

Welcome our newest Torch Bearer!

Greetings, faithful readers.

As you may know, Katya & I have been looking for a new blogger to join our ranks in 2013. After a long and exhaustive search that rivalled the X Factor auditions (sort of), we found a great blogger who we're very much looking forward to having on board to share the joy/chaos/libellous cases with. So please welcome Christina!

My name is Christina, and I'm in my early thirties. I was born in South America, grew up in New Jersey, spent many years in Florida, and I currently live in North Carolina. 
While I enjoy any good book, I prefer stories that are a bit unusual, particularly horror and experimental fiction. I enjoy YA because it tends to be more daring than other genres, and I hope to see more positive books for young people to read rather than some of the sort of books that have gotten a majority of hype in recent years. 
Besides reading and writing, I love movies, music, edgy stand-up comedians, and professional wrestling.  
Currently I'm writing a YA novel that will probably become a series, as well as a few other books, screenplays, and plays. My mind never stops.

Christina can be found on Twitter at @writewilder and her Goodreads page is here. Here's to a successful 2013!