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Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

Goodreads review, last updated December 05, 2011

Six weeks ago, the Apocalypse happened. Angels came down from Heaven and wrecked havoc on Earth. The day is ruled by gangs and scavengers, while nightmares become real at dusk. After seventeen year-old Penryn’s sister is kidnapped by the angels, she is ready to do everything to get her back. Including striking a deal with an injured angel.

But as she and Raffe make their way towards the aerie in San Francisco, encountering new horrors along the way, it becomes abundantly clear that they are about to become part of something bigger than them. 

Oh, my God, it’s so GOOOOD!

If you’re hearing an angel chorus singing Hallelujah somewhere, it’s probably because of this book. If you’re hearing some freak going down the street, screaming Eureka, it’s because of this book. If you heard someone break into a really bad rendition of “Alive” by Meat Loaf… well, that’s probably me, enjoying the rapture of reading this.

It doesn’t matter if you like YA or not, indie authors or not. Everyone should read this book, if only to see how angel mythology really is done.

The characters are gritty and fleshed out. Penryn is by no means your average seventeen year-old - having to deal with her schizophrenic mother since a very young age, it takes a lot to shake her up (and a lot happens). She’s gutsy, kick-ass, but also very, very vulnerable and conflicted. She shows a genuine concern and love for her sister, and unlike some heroines, doesn’t let a hot guy distract her.

Speaking of Raffe…

Um… Raffe…

Excuse me, I think I need to sit down somewhere until my head cools.

Oh, my God, Raffe…

That guy… angel… whatever, has to be, beyond a doubt, the hottest, most eat-your-heart-out smouldering love interest I have read to date. Seriously, I don’t think I know anyone who can hold a candle to him. He’s just… sublime.

And not because he kicks ass either. Raffe is just the kind of guy YA paranormal writers wished they could have, but instead get Edward Cullen cutoffs. Raffe is a bad boy, but unlike any other character of whom this is true, he actually has a maturity of a creature who’s been alive for centuries. His relationship with Penryn is a strained one, from the moment she captures him to the final page, and their chemistry sizzles from every single scene. He’s not amazing because he’s super powerful and hot, he’s amazing because he just is, and the things he does for her, the unspoken gestures, speak more loudly than any proclamation of love can.

Seriously, this isn’t a story that touches you. It’s a story that punches you in the gut.

Go read it. Now! Can you believe it’s less than a pound on Kindle? How much can you buy for a pound? My daily Coca Cola is more expensive.

Note: Image and synopsis via GR. Because.

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