Who We Are

I'm Ceilidh/Kayleigh, I'm 22 and recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Celtic/English literature, meaning I'm out in the real world trying to sort myself out. I'm a native Scot, obnoxious accent and all.

I've been obsessed with reading for pretty much all my life and the Harry Potter books were what spurned me on to writing my own stories. I'll read almost anything and have a love of YA as well as Shakespeare, gothic lit and LGBTQ & political theatre. I've been reviewing YA since July 2010 when I started the Sparkle Project. I also love movies, politics and debating. I have a reputation for being something of a strict reviewer. While it is true that I have very high standards, I think I'm a fair critic and acknowledge my biases.  
My name is Cory and I'm American. I've pretty much been to every state in the US. With all that traveling I've had a lot of time to read. And I'm a senior in High School.

I read mostly YA. My favorite genre is Sci-Fi, but I'm hard pressed to find good Sci-Fi that I haven't read a million times.

I also like fantasy and contemporary. I like romance too, but only really, really good romance, otherwise I don't bother. I don't read commercial fiction, bodice rippers, or detective/cop/mysteries. And I really don't like Christian lit or historical romances.

Fav book of the moment is probably still Catcher in the Rye. I pretty much hate Glee, and Avatar used to be my favorite tv show before the finale. I'm also big on manga and anime. And I play guitar and trumpet.

And I'm writing a contemporary YA novel right now involving a band geek, unrequited love, and an overbearing mother. 
I'm a twenty-something writer who's a lazy blogger/reviewer and a procrastinator extraordinaire.

I was an anime and manga enthusiast before I was a book reader -- and, even though I haven't been giving as much time to anime/manga as of late, I still have a place in my heart for all the imagination bursting from that small island of Japan.  (My first serious writing endeavors were actually through roleplays on an anime forum when I was fifteen.)

My first book obsession was the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.  My first young adult read was The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.  But what really cemented my desire to write and my ensuing (rocky) relationship with young adult literature was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer when I was sixteen.  As the years passed on and Twilight grew from a book few knew about to an outright phenomenon, I looked back at the series and thought, "Okay, this isn't a perfect story, but it's getting really popular.  I have it in me to write a book that can be on this level, at least.  So why not?"

That's not to say that I'm happy with the way the young adult industry has become because of Twilight's influence.  I very nearly hate it.  I don't understand how these authors can put out works that put stupid ideas and ideals into impressionable teenage minds and not feel any compunction so long as the money keeps rolling in.  I hate the tripe I've read over the past few years -- The House of Night, Evermore, Hush, Hush, etc. -- and sometimes wonder why I bother trying to write for an industry I can't stand most days.  But young adult literature is my passion, and so I continue to stick with it.

My reading tastes have expanded more over the past year, so I'm more likely to give a book a try before I give an opinion or make a judgment.  The only thing I won't touch is erotica or romance since I find those silly and a bit meaningless.  Anything else is free game.

          Student, reader, and self-proclaimed procrastinator queen. 

          Genres that I consider myself an expert in: Paranormal Romance, Dystopia, Urban                       Fantasy, Contemporary, and any mash-ups within.

          Genres I'd love to learn more about: Magical Realism, Sci/Fi, Poetry, Psychological                     Thriller. 

          Personal Ticks: Gratuitous violence, wasted premises or cutesy child characters with no             depth.

Previous Members

I'm from India, I've spent pretty much my entire life here, except for a couple of years in the UK. I studied law, but I've been a serial career changer for a while now.

I sing with a jazz band, and I teach salsa and cha cha. I'm a movie freak. I don't limit myself in the genres I read, although for the last couple of years I've been predominantly reading YA. But my first love is, and always will be fantasy. I grew up with Tolkien and Lloyd Alexander and C.S. Lewis, so it's kind of stuck with me, I guess!

I am in the middle of rewrites for a contemporary romance, which will hopefully be published within the next year or so. Assuming I ever get the rewrites done, which I am being lazy about. I'm also new to reviewing, having written my first review about two months ago, but I think it's the beginning of a lifelong affair!
 The Duck
    My full first name is Melanie. But please, oh please, call me Mel. I was born in Germany but moved to Australia when I was eight. I recently graduated from High school and am going to University next year. In the meantime I'm looking for a job and planning my vampire novel, which I started planning to attempt to bring back some proper vampires.

    I love movies, books, old and new video games and anime. I'm a lesbian, an atheist, and I love Yoshi. I fucking adore Yoshi. I also draw realism and anime, and I can also draw my own characters, which is useful as fuck. I play piano by ear, and I don't know squat about notes or the names of the keys.

    I pretty much grew up with The legend of Zelda, which was what inspired me to create stories when I was little. And now I'm writing them. Yay. I only write Adult fiction. Trust me when I say my stuff is a wee bit mature for YA. Just trust me.
    Ahoy, I'm Andrea. I'm a twenty-something from a one grocery store town that can only accurately be described as the sweaty armpit of rural North Carolina. How did I get into reading, you ask? One, I grew up without cable television and two, it wouldn't have mattered if we had cable anyway since my former-educator of a father didn't allow me to watch television in his home until I was eighteen. Yes, I said it. Eighteen.

    As far as books, I do like the usual suspects: J. K. Rowling, a smidgen of Stephen King, and, embarrassingly, the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. But I also like Gaiman and Garth Nix. In fact, Shade's Children is the first young adult novel that I remembered distinctly - possibly because it made me actualize my dream of one day becoming and evil overlord.

    I watch a lot of television. Like, a lot. And a lot of films, too. Once upon a time, I thought about writing screenplays, but instead, I keep a shoe box under my bed containing receipts and other sundry scraps of paper with dialog and plot-ideas scribbled on them in crayon, marker, eyeliner pencil, or whatever else I can find when inspiration strikes. For now, I just like to review books and rip arguments to shreds with my rhetoric.